Mission and Committees

Our mission is to create a vibrant business district by initiating private and public improvements, promoting commerce, and supporting efforts to improve the quality of life for all who live, work and do business in East Boston.

In accordance with the national Main Street Four-Point approach, East Boston Main Streets maintains the following standing committees:


The purpose of this committee is to build collaborative partnerships between a broad range of groups, organizations and constituents who need to be involved in East Boston’s commercial district revitalization.


This committee seeks to improve the physical appearance of East Boston’s commercial district–the building, streets, sidewalks, window displays, signs, parking, and all other aspects of the physical environment.


This committee is involved in marketing East Boston’s commercial district to neighborhood residents, investors, visitors, and others.

Economic Reconstructing

This committee strives to strengthen the existing economic base of East Boston’s commercial district while gradually expanding it by helping existing business become stronger, by recruiting new businesses, by introducing new economic functions into the commercial area.

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